Rules & Regulations

Each team requires a manager who is responsible for organising the team and the racers
All racers must wear a Helmet, Shoes, Long Pants, Long-Sleeved Sweatshirt.
Gloves and Elbow/Knee Pads are recommended
All race results are final and will not be re-raced.
All racers are required to race within the spirit of the rules and the event
Karts can be painted and modified provided the overall dimensions are not changed
3 Karts will race in each race until the final when 2 karts race
Pushing is only permitted in the "push-zone". The Kart can not be re-pushed unless the Kart comes to a complete stop in the middle of the course. Then only enough force to continue the race should be used.
Pushing can be done by Adults or Kids
In the event of a collision. The Karts may be separated and continue the race
1st across the line - Wins that race
Starting Lane Position makes no difference to Finishing result