Tips and Tricks

Ensure that your car is tracking (steering) in a straight line before you register your car.
Ensure that you have thoroughly lubricated your car before the heat or final starts.
Check your wheels for freedom of movement.
Can you flick all the wheels and have them spin 20 seconds before they come to a stop?
Always handle your car by the body not the wheels.
Don’t roll your car in the dirt, concrete surfaces or carpet.
It’s a sure way to ruin the wheels and axles.
Don’t run with your car in your hands.
You are may to drop it which may break something you cannot repair.
If your car doesn’t do very well rolling forward try racing it backwards.
Cars will run faster one way than another.
Get as much track time as possible but don't over-use your car
If possible use previous years cars as a benchmark for this years model
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