Structure & Organisation

The purpose of this document is to provide information on the structure and format of 2005's Pinewood Derby

Important Dates: Pinewood Derby VI (2005)

1st / 15th September Design Cars
  School Holidays
Thu 13th October Derby Test
Sat 15th October Workshop / Test Run
Sat 15th October Track is available for Testing
Sun 16th October Pinewood Derby
Restrict 100 Sun 16 Oct (12:45-3:00pm)
Restrict 150 Sun 16 Oct (3:00-5:30pm)
Veteran 150 Sun 16 Oct (3:00-5:30pm)
Open Class Sun 16 Oct (3:00-5:30pm)

The overall format will be very similar to past years with the  Race Day being on a Sunday afternoon and kids only need to come when their division is racing. The prizes and results will be handed out following each division at an ‘Official’ ceremony. Each area of the competition will be co-ordinated by an Adult Leader and have a team of staff working with them. We need to also allow for Adult Leaders to be free when their children are racing. Please note the car must have been constructed in 2005 to be eligible to race. Previous cars can be used as benchmarks only and can not be entered.

Saturday 15th October will be set aside as an opportunity for those wanting to give their cars some track time. The tracks will be set up in the hall without any of the electronics and made available for parents and kids who want to come and fine-tune their cars. It was noted that the kids who seemed to do better in past years were the ones that had the ‘Track-Time’


Restrictions (esp Weight) are going to have no leeway and our scales measurements are final. Registration will open 15 mins before the event. 

All additional weight must be built in as part of the car. Cars with weight attached (e.g. by Rubber Bands or Selotape) will not be allowed to race. No car is allowed to have any part in front of the starting gate

Software / Computer Hardware
Version 3.0 of the Derby Software will allow for Networking and ‘Live-Results’ display.

An information booklet will be given to each racer detailing rules, tips & tricks.

Kids cars <=100gm
Kids cars <=150gm
Team Leader / Senior Club / Adult (<=150gm)
Available to all
Areas of Responsibility
Starting Control
Finish Control
Video Work
Proxy Racers (For those that can't be there)

(Each will be supported by Team Leaders)