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Pinewood Derbies began in Southern California in 1953


Each year over 1 million kits are sold and built in the United States? Over 80 million have been sold since they were started to be produced


In the US the Boy Scouts of America call them Pinewood Derbies. In Canada they are called Kub Kar Rallies. The Christian Service Brigade call them Shape 'n' Race Derbies. There are youth organisations all over the world competing in 'Pinewood Derbies'


The favourite colour for most pinewood cars is red, followed by blue


The winning design for a fast car on one track may not be the best for another track due to slope, run-out, lane guide type etc.


Good wheel lubrication and maximum mass allows a car to pass another on the flat run-out portion of the track.


Did you know that while there are lots of specifications for Pinewood Derby cars there are very few specifications for the tracks they run on?


Did you know that a very thin car can actually run upside down and backwards?


Some organisations have major competitions for design, unique concepts and appearance and may not race cars at all?


The difference in the finishing times for the first, second and third place finalists often is sometimes less than 1/1000th of a second.

In 1999 Adventure Life had a race that 2 cars were separated by less than 1/10,000th of a second.

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