Club Motto
As a member:
I will respect God,
care for others,
and always strive for excellence.

Adventure Life was formed in 1993 as a club designed to provide quality programming for Kids in the Buckland's Beach, Pakuranga & Howick areas of Auckland, New Zealand. Adventure Life is a club designed so that kids can be themselves, learn social and developmental skills and generally have a really good time. The environment is safe and well managed. The activities are designed to provide freedom of imagination and creativity while being fully supervised, by adults, for maximum enjoyment. Camps, trips, crafts and all manner of fun and games is what makes Adventure Life work.

Adventure Life's popularity has grown over the years. Known commonly by its nickname, Adlife, the club provides many hours of enjoyment for the 80+ people that attend each week. Adventure Life's extra weekend activities include sleepovers, horse riding, snow camps and much more.

The club is open to both girls & boys between Year 5 and Year 8 inclusive. We have a leadership programme that allows teenagers in year 10+ to lead at Adventure Life for 2 years. The work that these folk do gives a good foundation in community work and leadership.

The Adventure Life club is organised into teams with their friends and age groups. Each team is managed by one of our leaders. Their job is to assist the team in accomplishing the programmed activity. All programmes are co-ordinated by adult leaders who run and supervise all the activities. Adventure Life runs for 8 weeks during terms 1, 2 and 3 on a Tuesday Night from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. The club is also divided into 2 sections. Junior section consists of kids in Year 5-6 while kids in Year 7-8 form the Senior section. Some of the club nights are combined with both sections doing the activity together, while other on nights the sections have separate programmes. The term's programme shows what is happening on each night and what has to be brought. The programme can be downloaded from the Downloads section of our website.

The logo was designed in 1993 to represent the club and also provide the badge that would appear on the kid's uniforms. It would later become sewn into the shirts and sweaters as we phased out the badges. It was also included on the Jackets, letterheads and business cards. Although a lot of people have read different things into the design the different elements don't really stand for anything instead the logo attempts to be active and lively and the colours bold and bright rather than being symbolic for anything. All members & leaders wear the logo in some form on their uniform. The uniform identifies us and gives a sense of unity. The club uniform consists of an Adventure Life Jacket for all leaders, club kids and teenagers.

The Adventure Life Club is administered by the Adventure Life Charitable Trust. The trust's function is to ensure the correct management of the club and to provide a legal entity under which the club can operate.

The Adventure Life Charitable Trust:
Chairman:   David Rooke
(David Rooke Law Office)
Treasurer:   Murray Wells
(Jolly, Duncan & Wells Chartered Accountants)
Secretary:   Anne Howell
Fundraising:   Alan McIntyre
(Principal: Owairoa Primary)
Co-ordinator:   Ian Carr
Trustees:   Lynda Wells
Brian Carr
Gary Carr